Meet the team

Rewire is founded by a team of researchers, engineers and industry experts in AI and community management. We are united by a shared vision: to make communities thrive.

Bertie Vidgen
CEO and Co-Founder

Online community expert. Seven years of experience in research, policy and AI. Former advisor to the UK Government, Parliament and Ofcom. PhD from Oxford.

Paul Röttger
CTO and Co-Founder

AI expert. Five years of experience in machine learning. Completing a PhD on AI at Oxford. Background in ML and financial maths (Cambridge, BCG, JP Morgan).

Douwe Kiela

Industry expert. Ten years of experience in machine learning. Head of Research at Hugging Face, formerly at Facebook AI Research. CS PhD from Cambridge.

Nikola Mrkšić

Investment expert. CEO and Co-Founder of PolyAI. Raised over $65 million for his customer support B2B SAAS business. PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Janosch Haber
Senior Research Scientist

Specialist in developing NLP models. PhD in Computational Linguistics from Queen Mary University London.

Hannah Rose Kirk
Research Scientist

AI researcher working on large language models. PhD student in Social Data Science at the University of Oxford.

Wenjie Yin
Research Scientist

NLP researcher specialised in online harms. Completing a PhD in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London.

“Communities are essential to digital spaces. I think AI is an amazing tool for understanding community health at scale and cultivating great online experiences.”

Hannah Rose Kirk
Research Scientist, Rewire

Krzysztof Furman
Senior Data Engineer

Specialist for managing data annotation. Background in machine learning. Completing a PhD at Queen Mary University of London.

Namir Al-Nuaimi
Senior Data Annotator

Expert in data annotation and developing taxonomies for online content. PhD from the University of Bedfordshire.

Hannah Lucas
Communications Lead

Researcher and communications professional. PhD in English from the University of Oxford.

Joshua Cowan
Engineering Intern

Background in machine learning and NLP. MEng in CS from Cambridge University.

Matt Chapman
Engineering Intern

Background in NLP and data analytics. MSc in Data Science from the University of Oxford.

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