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The Rewire API is a best-in-class AI tool for detecting toxic content. It identifies
💥 abuse ⚠️ hate 🤬 profanities and 🔞 sexually explicit content in English text. Enter your details below to receive your API key. Our starter package of 10,000 API calls per month is always free. For more access, see our plans below.

If you are an academic or not-for-profit organisation, you can get more free access through our Rewire for Social Good programme by emailing

You must comply with our Terms of Use. You can only use the API for internal business and not for benchmarking, for the purposes of reverse engineering, or for building a competing product. We reserve the right to withhold access.

About the Rewire API

The Rewire API is a best-in-class AI tool for detecting toxic content, which we developed through years of research in NLP and machine learning. Right now, the Rewire API can detect abuse, hate and profanities in English texts. Our benchmarking shows that the Rewire API is more accurate and trustworthy than any of our competitors.

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We can adapt our AI to your needs, to identify any type of toxic content at any scale.
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API Documentation

Learn more about how the API is integrated into your existing workflows with our API Documentation.

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