Discord Bot Documentation

Click the button above to add the Rewire bot to your Discord server. You will be prompted to log in to your Discord account and select a server for the bot to join. You can only add the bot to servers that you have admin privileges for.

When the bot joins your server, it will automatically set up a #rewire-logs channel, which only admins can see. The bot will review all messages that are posted to public channels on your server in real time. Any messages that it identifies as hateful or abusive with more than 50% confidence will be flagged in the #rewire-logs channel.

Users on your server will not be notified when the Rewire bot flags their message. When a message is flagged, you can decide whether to take action, for example by removing the message or banning the user. To protect your privacy, Rewire does not keep a record of any content that the bot reviews.

The Rewire bot is powered by the Rewire API, a best-in-class AI tool for detecting toxic content. For free access to the Rewire API, click here!