The Rewire API now detects positive content!

This latest update radically expands the scope of our API. Previously, the Rewire API was tailored towards detecting different types of toxic and disruptive content. Now, we are expanding to also detecting 😍 positive content!

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Why detect positive content?

Creators and brands want to know what their audiences celebrate and enjoy. The Rewire API helps them detect this kind of positive content in real time, so they can understand what is going on and turbocharge their engagement.

What’s special about the Rewire API?

Our model for positive content detection is trained on data from many different domains, so it can identify any kind of relevant positive content. At the same time, we made sure that it can also handle irony and sarcasm, so you only see messages that actually are positive.

Learn more about the Rewire API here, and sign up for free trial access today!