The Rewire API
now detects profanity!

With our new API update, we are continuing our efforts to keep online platforms and communities safe. In addition to ⚠️ hate and 💥 abuse , the Rewire API can now also detect🤬 profanities !

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Why detect profanity?

Some platforms targeted at younger audiences may not allow any profanity. Beyond that, profanity can also be an indicator of more severe forms of toxicity, such as hate and abuse.

By detecting profanity, the Rewire API can help platforms better guarantee the safety of their users.

What makes our
API stand out?

The Rewire API reliably detects profanity, even if users try to hide it through spelling variations, such as leetspeak. At the same time, our API is designed to avoid false positives, i.e. mistakes where an innocuous statement is flagged as profane, which we see many of our competitors struggle with.

Learn more about the Rewire API here, and sign up for free trial access today!