Work with Rewire,
for Social Good.

Introducing Rewire for Social Good, a non-commercial use programme for Rewire’s AI solutions.

Social responsibility is the driving force behind all we do here at Rewire. That’s why, as part of the launch of our flagship product—the Rewire API—we are announcing a new programme for non-commercial uses of our AI solutions. Rewire for Social Good offers you the chance to use Rewire’s tech for socially responsible projects and initiatives. If you’re a researcher or civil society organisation tackling online hate, abuse, and toxicity, we want to help you make a difference.

Our values.

Rewire’s team is brought together by a shared mission: to build an open and accessible internet where people are safe from harm, so that they can form communities and communicate freely. This mission is embodied by our core company values, which underpin all our work. It’s these values which motivate Rewire for Social Good.


We know that AI presents a huge opportunity to improve online safety—if it is built in the right way! That’s why we are committed to developing socially responsible AI that provides fair and trustworthy content assessments.


We believe that only boundary-pushing research and product development can help us realise AI’s full potential. We innovate every day in our approach to AI and how we use it for online safety.


Everything we do is informed by the intended impact it will have on building a better and safer internet. We achieve this impact by selling our AI solutions at scale and protecting millions of users across the internet.

Helping you
help the internet.

Rewire for Social Good supports non-commercial use of our AI solutions through a range of discounted packages, including free access to the Rewire API for at least your first project.

With the Rewire API you can identify and monitor toxic content in real time. The API is also customisable to your needs and guidelines; so whatever content you are working with, our API can be tailored to fit. Get in touch to discuss further with us!