Rewire rated in top 10 ‘outstanding’ uses of AI by the UNESCO IRCAI.

We are pleased to announce that UNESCO’s International Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) has rated Rewire in the top 10 ‘outstanding’ uses of AI in global development solutions.

The IRCAI is dedicated to supporting the development of AI-based solutions to achieve the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As part of this mission, the IRCAI has compiled a list of 100 projects around the world that are using AI in innovative ways to further these SDGs. Participating applicants come from all five geographic regions: Africa, Europe and the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East.

The aim of the list is to scope and showcase solutions from around the world and contribute to the SDGs by creating the world’s largest sustainable solutions platform, and helping these solutions grow even more effective and impactful. To this end, the IRCAI has specifically sought out solutions that are applicable and can credibly solve a real-life problem in development with a considered emphasis on ethics.

Our commitment to
social responsibility.

Social responsibility is the cornerstone of Rewire’s AI solutions. We understand the harm caused by online hate, and are committed to solving this problem ethically: at Rewire, we believe that protection from harm, freedom of speech, and personal privacy do not have to be mutually exclusive.

With this in mind, we have built AI solutions which offer trustworthy, robust, and accurate detection of toxic content. These systems minimize the amount of harm that users are exposed to online. They also minimize the harm that human moderators are exposed to (currently the dominant way in which harmful online content is taken down across the Internet). Finally, they protect freedom of expression by ensuring that neutral content is left online.

Rewire’s solutions are designed to work globally, and a key design feature is that they work fairly, providing equal protection to different targets of hate. The result is a stepchange in content moderation, promising the creation of inclusive and mutually respectful online spaces all over the world.

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