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Our founders.

Rewire is a startup dedicated to making the internet a safer and more accessible place. We pride ourselves on the innovative technology and research we are developing for this purpose. But we’re not made of numbers and code. We’re also proud to call ourselves a growing team of like-minded, driven, and talented individuals, brought together by a shared mission.
People make Rewire possible.

With this in mind, we wanted to introduce the people behind Rewire in a series of blog posts. And who best to start with than Rewire’s co-founders, Bertie Vidgen and Paul Röttger. We asked them to say a few words about their vision for Rewire and online safety.

Bertie Vidgen

Bertie Vidgen is Rewire’s CEO, online safety expert, and former advisor to the UK Government for online safety. Bertie completed his doctorate on detecting and analysing online hate at the University of Oxford in 2019, and has since held a number of research and policy roles in the online safety space, including Head of Online Safety at the Alan Turing Institute. Bertie’s strategizing and management of the Rewire team is driven by a commitment to our company values of trust, innovation, and empowerment.

“Online safety is often seen as a balancing act between protecting people from harm and ensuring free speech – with the right policies, processes and technology you can redefine that tradeoff to ensure people are not exposed to harm and we all have much more rewarding online experiences.”

Bertie Vidgen
CEO & Co-Founder, Rewire
Paul Röttger

Paul Röttger is Rewire’s CTO, AI expert, and specialist in natural language processing (NLP). Paul is currently completing his doctorate at the University of Oxford, and has published on hate speech detection and language modelling at top NLP conferences. He leads Rewire’s tech team in the development of our AI systems, breaking new ground in the way our models detect toxic content. Paul’s work is underpinned by the principle that AI can and should be socially responsible, without compromising on accuracy or effectiveness.

“AI has enormous potential to find and stop online hate at scale – if we build it right! I am super excited about the work we are doing in Rewire’s growing R&D team, taking state-of-the-art research into practice. Our AI for hate speech detection is already best in class, and I am confident we will only continue to improve.”

Paul Röttger
CTO & Co-Founder, Rewire

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